Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hebden 40 recycled plastic grid paving

The Hebden 40 water permeable plastic paving grid provides heavy duty hardstanding of any dimension, suitable for car parks, pathways and driveways.

Installing the Hebden 40 helps prevent flooding by allowing rainwater to filter back into the ground, rather than running off into the overstretched drainage system as happens with tarmac or block paved surfaces. This makes the product perfect for SuDS strategies, and often removes the need for planning permission under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010

Able to support a 16 tonne point weight (with a load capacity of 250 tonnes per m2), the Hebden 40 is suitable for all UK road legal vehicles. It has recently been used by the Ministry of Defence to create a large parking area suitable for heavy military vehicles in a 12000m2 installation in an area prone to flooding.The paving, made from 100% recycled plastic and manufactured in the UK, is easy to install and provides an attractive finish. The grids can be filled with gravel or seeded soil for a grass finish

Using the Hebden 40 allows for the creation of gravel driveways, ensuring that the gravel does not migrate and providing support and traction for vehicles. Using seeded soil to fill the pavers allows vehicle access without having to alter the appearance of grassed areas, so for example stately homes can have ambulance access at the rear of the building without having to pave over an area of lawn.

It is possible to add recycled plastic delineators that fit inside the Hebden 40 pavers to mark out car parking spaces.

The Hebden 40 is available from British Recycled Products for the great price of £9.50 per m2 including delivery for orders of 2 pallets and above (112m2). Contact our sales team on 01422 844716, or email for more information, installation advice or a quote.